About Us

The International Organization for Judicial Training (IOJT) was established in 2002 in order to promote the rule of law by supporting the work of judicial education institutions around the world. The mission of the IOJT is realized through international and regional conferences and other exchanges that provide opportunities for judges and judicial educators to discuss strategies for establishing and developing training centers, designing effective curricula, developing faculty capacity, and improving teaching methodology.

The IOJT is a volunteer, non-profit organization and relies upon the efforts and good will of its members.The organization is governed by a General Assembly of its members which meets every 2-3 years during the international conference.There is an elected Board of Governors which consists of an Executive Committee, Regional Deputy Presidents, additional Deputy Presidents and Governors. As of August 2015, the IOJT has 123 member-institutes from 75 countries. 

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Adopted at the 2017 conference in Manila, Philippines:

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Declaration of Judicial Training Principles

Statutes as of November 8, 2017

Board of Executives

Justice Eliezer Rivlin (Israel)

Mary McQueen (United States of America)

Judge Eileen Kato (United States of America)

Deputy Secretary-General 
Sheridan Greenland (United Kingdom)

Board Members

Ernest Schmatt (Australia)
Rainer Hornung (Germany)
Judge Fernando Cerqueira Norberto Dos Santos (Brazil)
Benoît Chamouard (France)

Deputy Presidents (at President’s nomination)

Justice Abady Ba (Senegal)
Judge Amnon Carmi (Israel)