Education Program


The theme for this year’s conference is “Judicial Training:  A Key to the Successful Transformation of the Judiciary.”  The education program will include plenary sessions and over 20 breakout presentations designed to focus on approaches to the agenda topics outlined below.

A full agenda is now online.

Speakers should use the IOJT presentation template, which can be downloaded here.

Judicial Training Challenges

  • The Evolution of Technology and its Impact on Judicial Training Institutes: Digitalization, Social Media, Artificial Intelligence, and Others;
  • New Areas of the Law: Artificial Intelligence Liability, Privacy, Terrorism, Cybersecurity, Ethics Implications, Environmental, Electronic and DNA Evidence, and Others.


Judicial Training - Agent for Transformation

  • Electoral Justice Training Approaches; 
  • Improving Public Trust and Confidence: Managing Accountability, Judicial Outreach, and the Effective Management of Economics,
  • Ethics, LGBT, Human Trafficking, Property and Environmental Law Cases; 
  • Modern Approaches to Curriculum Development; 
  • Developing Performance Baselines and Evaluation Criteria for Training. 


Judicial Training - Institutional Capacity Considerations

  • The Role of Governance in Managing Performance; 
  • Approaches to Partnering with Academic Institutions; 
  • Professional Development of Staff; 
  • Research Management and Goals; 
  • Budget Development Approaches and Communication Strategies.