Issue 6 | 2018 (Download Here)

  • Introduction
  • Social media and big data: a judicial survival guide
    Barry Clarke
  • Online sexual exploitation of children and the Philippine Judicial Academy competency enhancement training program
    Myrna Feliciano
  • Development of outcome-based education gender sensitivity training for court personnel of the Philippine judiciary
    Teresita Leonardo-De Castro, Erlyn A. Sana, Melflor Atienza, Katrina Legarda, Myrna Feliciano, Amy Avellano
  • Declaration of Judicial Training Principles: a look back at its adoption and forward to its future prospects
    Benoît Chamouard and Adèle Kent
  • Electoral courts: substantive and methodological challenges for judicial training; experience and prospective in Mexico
    Carlos Soriano Cienfuegos
  • Judicial training in Latin America: study on the practices of the judicial colleges
    Leonel González and Jeremy Cooper
  • Judicial education: the Papua New Guinea experience
    Sir Salamo Injia, Kt, GCL and John Carey
  • China’s judges’ education and training reform: practice and future innovation
    Dr LI Xiaomin
  • Opportunities and challenges of judicial education: a case of Nepal
    Shreekrishna Mulmi
  • Emerging challenges in judicial education: Nigeria in focus
    Hadiza Santali Sa’eed
  • Judicial training in Pakistan: methodology and evaluation
    Muhammad Shahid Shafiq
  • Providing a Mongolian legal education system and its future direction
    Volodya Oyumaa

Issue 5 | 2016 (Download Here)

  • Introduction
  • The principles of judicial training: towards international recognition?
    Xavier Ronsin
  • Forging collaborative partnerships: judges, judicial educators & the academy
    Matthew Weatherson
  • Continuing education for judges
    Richard Reaves
  • Current models of judicial training: an updated review of initial and continuous training models across Western democratic jurisdictions
    Diana Richards
  • Triumphs and trials of judicial education in a small jurisdiction — the Judicial Education Institute of Trinidad & Tobago story
    The Honourable Mr Justice Peter Jamadar JA and Mr Kent Jardine
  • Judicial education on “gender awareness” in Australia
    The Honourable Justice John Basten

Issue 4 | 2015 (Download Here)

  • Introduction
    Livingston Armytage
  • The National Judicial College Approach To Distance Learning: Towards A Model Of Best Practice
    William J. Brunson and Joseph R. Sawyer
  • Online Programming at the National Judicial Institute
    Thomas Crabtree, Joseph W. Bovard, and Magdalena Serwin
  • Judicial Education: The Singapore Brand
    Boon Heng Tan
  • Continuing Judicial Education in Pakistan
    Faqir Hussain
  • The Nepali Perspective on Judicial Education: A Brief Review
    Shreekrishna Mulmi
  • The Challenges of Capacity Building in Judicial-Training Institutions—The Kosovo Experience
    Charles A. Ericksen and Lavdim Krasniqi
  • Judicial Training on Election Dispute Resolution
    Cheselden George V. Carmona
  • Teaching New Judges What It Means To “Be” A Judge
    Diane E. Cowdrey
  • Bench Books: Key Publishing Guidelines
    Livingston Armytage
  • Crafting Judge-Led Judicial Education: Partnering with Educators
    T. Brettel Dawson
  • Joint and Continuous Training for Judges and Lawyers in the Framework of the Council of Europe and According to the Greek Legal Order
    Petros Alikakos
  • The Training of Judges in Poland: The Recent Developments
    Piotr Mikuli

Issue 3 | 2015 (Download Here)

  • Introduction
    Livingston Armytage
  • Judicial Educator: Change Leader
    Maureen E. Conner
  • Leadership for Judicial Educators: Vision for Reform 
    Livingston Armytage
  • A Realistic and Future-Oriented Vision on Competence Development of Judges, Prosecutors, and Court Staff
    Edith Van Den Broeck
  • EC Study of the Best Practices in the Training of Judges and Prosecutors in EU Member States
    Jeremy Cooper
  • Current Developments in Judicial Training Methodology in Europe—
    Looking for Good Practices 
    Otilia Pacurari, Jorma Hirvonen, and Rainer Hornung
  • Training Needs Assessment: State of Play and Challenges
    Wojciech Postulski
  • Judicial Education as a Forum for Identifying and Meeting Research Needs
    Jula Hughes and Philip Bryden
  • Research in Judicial Schools: The Mexican Experience 
    Julio Cesar Vazquez-Mellado Garcia
  • Judicial Education in Promoting the Rule of Law
    Surendra Kumar Sinha
  • Towards a Technology-Enhanced Learning Model
    Jessica MacDonald, Alistair Duff, and Jackie Carter
  • The International Framework for Court Excellence: Gauging How Well Education and Training are Delivered to the Judiciary
    Jan-Marie Doogue and Colin Doherty

Issue 2 | 2014 (Download Here)

  • Introduction | 
    Livingston Armytage
  • Judicial Training in a Globalised World
    Wayne Martin
  • Globalisation of Judicial Education | 
    J. Clifford Wallace
  • Judiciary-Based Applied ResearchCentres: Enhancing the Administration of Justice While Strengthening Judicial Independence and Improving Judicial Training 
    Barbara Rothstein and Ivor Archie
  • Establishing a Judiciary-Based Research Centre: The Israeli Experience
    Yigal Mersel and Keren Weinshall-Margel
  • Assessing the Quality of Justice
    John Stacey
  • Restoring Image and Trust Through Judicial Training on Communication 
    Susan Glazebrook
  • Judiciary School—The Spanish Approach 
    Felix V. Azon Vilas
  • How Should UN Standards Guide International Judicial Training in Post-Conflict
    Situations?: Personal Reflections 20 Years After the Rwandan Genocide | 
    Lyal S. Sunga
  • Judicial Training in an Interdependent World: Guidelines for Best Practice 
    in the Use of Comparative Law
    Karen Eltis
  • World Bank Support for Judicial Systems Serving Good Governance
    Anne-Marie Leroy
  • Technical Expertise for Judicial Training and Judicial Reform: Challenges and Opportunities
    Gilles Blanchi

Issue 1 | 2013 (Download Here)

  • Editorial
    Amnon Carmi
  • Introduction
    Susan Glazebrook
  • “Judicial Training and the Rule of Law”
    Ivor Archie
  • Building A Learning Community Of Judicial Practice - The
    Experience Of The Subordinate Courts Of Singapore
    Thian Yee Sze
  • Social Context And Judicial Education In Canada
    Brian W. Lennox and Natalie Williams
  • Taking Into Account Non-Juridical Aspects Matters In Judicial
    Training Programmes For Judges And Prosecutors
    Rainer Hornung
  • Innovations In Judicial Education: Preventing
    Wrongful Convictions
    T. Brettel Dawson and Natalie Williams
  • Training Specialist Judges Problem Solving Courts
    Helen Murrell SC
  • Management Training For Magistrates: The Belgian Experience
    Edith Van den Broeck
  • Assessing Witnesses: Can The Skills Be Taught?
    Lynn Smith and Susan Glazebrook
  • Evaluation Of Continuing Judicial Education Programmes:
    Reaction, Learning Acquisition/Retention & Behaviour Changes
    Mary Frances Edwards
  • Impact Evaluation Of Judicial College Education For Juvenile
    Court Judicial Officers
    Ann A O’Connell and Joy Edington