Governance and Nominations



IOJT elections for the Board of Executives and Board of Governors will be held at the General Assembly Meeting during the upcoming IOJT conference in Cape Town, South Africa, September 22-26, 2019.  

IOJT is seeking nominations for elected positions on the Board of Executives and Board of Governors by September 6, 2019.  Nominations for consideration by the President for vacancies which are his appointment can also use the Candidate Application Form.

Candidates are recommended by the membership to IOJT’s Nominating Committee, chaired by Sheridan Greenland, IOJT’s Deputy Secretary General, along with members Ernie Schmatt and Rainer Hornung-Jost. The Nominating Committee will recommend to the General Assembly persons to fill the elected vacancies, from those members who have indicated they would like to stand.  A list of all persons so indicating will be made known to the General Assembly in Cape Town and members may nominate on the day of the General Assembly meeting (Wednesday, Sept. 25).  Anyone who puts themselves forward for elected positions, using the nomination process in advance of conference, can find their application form on-line by accessing the IOJT website nominations section.  The Nomination Committees’ provisional slate of candidates for election will be confirmed at the General Assembly meeting.  All applications received will be available on the IOJT website.

The Board of Executives in the past were elected every two years based upon recommendations from the Nominations Committee.  In order to provide increased transparency, inclusion and diversity, the Board of Executives has determined under its powers in Article 7 of IOJT’s statutes, that these positions will now serve staggered four-year terms with the ability for succession.  A schedule of all appointments and their terms for election is also online.  Staggered terms ensure continuity and knowledge transference between conferences and certainty of when positions may be voted on.  To make the nominations process even more transparent a Position Responsibilities document for key leadership positions has also been drafted.

The Nominating Committee is reaching out to members requesting nominations for individuals who wish to serve in IOJT leadership positions. The Nominating Committee assesses members’ interest in serving and assures those nominated or voicing interest are qualified to serve. The four positions for General Assembly consideration this year are:

  • Secretary General
  • Treasurer
  • Regional Deputy President, Africa & Middle East
  • Regional Deputy President, North Central America & Caribbean


Do you know a member who would serve the organization well? Are you interested in serving? Your input to IOJT, however it is made, is important. Keep in mind that you may nominate yourself, and if you are nominating someone else, speak to them first.

Please consider completing the Candidate Application Form and sending it addressed to no later than September 6.

If you have questions about serving, please contact the Deputy Secretary General Sheridan Greenland at Sheridan.Greenland@Judiciary.UK.