Eliezer Rivlin

Justice Professor Eliezer Rivlin, Deputy President (Ret.) of the Israeli Supreme Court and law professor. Appointed in 2013 as the Ombudsman for the Judiciary. He leads legal seminars at the Institute of Judicial Training of the Israeli Supreme Court and heads the Special Commission for Evaluating Candidates to the judiciary. Justice Rivlin currently serves as the  President of the IOJT The international Organization for Judicial Training.

Justice Rivlin is a Law professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and at the Law School of the Tel Aviv University - teaching Constitutional Law and Tort Law. This coming year he will teach a course entitled the Art of Judging at the Inter-Disciplinary Law Center in Herzeliya.

Justice Rivlin received his first degree in Law (LL.B) in 1967 and his (first) Master degree in law (LLM) (Torts) (with distinction) in 1978. His second Master degree (with thesis) (Constitutional Law) was conferred on him by the Law School of Temple University in Philadelphia in 1986.  In 2012 he was conferred an Adjunct Professor degree by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Justice Rivlin has served as a visiting Law Professor and researcher at major academic institutes in the United States, Canada and Australia. He takes part in a variety of academic and professional activities and in professional conferences - delivering lectures and participating in academic panels. Justice Rivlin has published several legal books and articles and was the co-editor of several academic books
In 1982 he was nominated to be a judge of the Southern District Court where he served until appointed to the Supreme Court of Israel in 1999.  Justice Rivlin  was elected to be the Deputy Chief Justice of the Supreme Court in 2006.  

Justice Rivlin headed several national commissions. He was in charge of preparing the National Compensation Scheme for workers in risky work places. He conducted and supervised the general elections in Israel described by the President of the State of Israel as "an efficient mission that was carried properly, respectfully, in a way that any democracy would be proud of."

Justice Rivlin served as a member of two commissions for appointments of Justices and Judges including Supreme Court Justices and military judges. For six years he served as the Chairman of the Supreme Court Institute for Judicial Ethics and prepared, inter alia, the Supreme Court Legal Clerks Rules of Ethics. 

While presiding as President of the IOJT Justice Rivlin took part in rendering help in establishing institutes for judicial training in Africa (Kenya) and initiated the ongoing cooperation of the IOJT with the United Nations CTED. Justice Rivlin is currently engaged in preparing rules of practice for judges adjudicating terrorism cases.