Pre-conference  informational meetings scheduled

IOJT Africa & Middle East Region has scheduled an informative virtual meeting on IOJT activities, in particular, the upcoming IOJT Conference in South Korea November 3-7, 2024.

Two meetings are scheduled:

  • March 5, 15h GMT; 3:00 pm UTC – in French
  • March 18, 16h GMT; 4:00 pm UTC – in English

Current IOJT regional members have been notified.  If you are not an IOJT region member and would like to receive meeting information, please contact to participate.

Virtual seminar " The Use of Social Networks by Judges: A Comparative Approach," was held in December

In partnership with the European Judicial Training Network and Scuola Superiore della Magistratura of Italy, IOJT ran a virtual program, The Use of Social Networks by Judges: A Comparative Approach. After an introduction to the work of the Global judicial Integrity Network of UNDOC by Tatiana Veress, speakers from six countries explained the guidelines and frameworks that have been developed to help judges navigate the tricky waters of social media.

There were several common themes that came through in the presentations, including the existence of codes or guidelines to help judges navigate challenging ethical issues, addressing the tension that exists between the need for judges to remain engaged with their community with the need for judges to be impartial and independent in performing their judicial work, and the concern that judges retain the dignity of their office. Some jurisdictions have done some training of judges on the ethical implications of their involvement in social media.  It was clear from all the presentations that the use of social media is a ‘hot topic’ for judges, and one that will continue to be at the top of the list in terms of ethical challenges.

Thanks to:

  • Tatiana Veress (UNDOC),
  • Domenico Airoma (Italy),
  • Remco van Tooren (The Netherlands),
  • Raf Van Ransbeeck (Belgium),
  • Emmanuelle Laudic (France),
  • Horatius Dumbrava (Romania),
  • Francisco Javier Parra (Spain),
  • and David Sachar (United States)

for their stimulating and informative presentations. And, many thanks to Gianluca Grasso of the Scuola for organizing the event.  IOJT hopes that this kind of collaborative work can continue.